Rathess, the first City

Ancient city, it’s former pupulation has been all but wiped out during the Great Contagion.


The Dragon Kings

Old, reptiloid creatures, possibly predating humanity with an odd way to reincarnate. Founders of the City. Mostly savages, but since the awakening of a half dozen of ancient Dragon Kings, they are slowly beginning to reorganize. Friendly towards the players, but not trusting enough for a full alliance.

The Goblin Kings Army

More than thousand humans, savage Dragon Kings and Raksha commoners under the control of the Solar Filial Wisdom. They worship the cannibalistic god Han-Tha. Currently tricked in believing the players follow their Cult, but still dangerous.


Several gods, while taking interest in the Dragon Kings and bargaining with the adventuring group don’t really care or don’t involve themselves for other reasons. Among them are:

Leeyata, the Lizard Queen

A former Goddess of Warfare, currently not really doing anything.

Shining Flower, the Mistress of Hearts

A Goddess of Sacrifices and Knifefights, who has struck a dubious ddeal with the adventures, but only involves herself when asked; has a small cult, however

Rezla, Satrap of artificial flight

Sub-goddess of, well, artificial flight. Has a small cult, but has yet to show herself. Since Betra and Rose took an airship for themselves, she is likely to do so soon.


There are signs of other factions: A godly presence in the underground, strange, pale humanoids and a seemingly inhabited tower. No contact has yet been established.

Rathess, the first City

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