The things so far (Aimless Campaign)

aimless prestory

What happened so far…

on the borders of the 100 Kingdoms, three adventurers met on the fields of battle. The first one a shady character with uncertain goals, who however seems willing to help, the second more an artist with food than a cook, and skilled in more than just fine food, the last one a seemingly blind warrior, that somehow managed to replace her eyesight through means of magic. After a fight of not-so-epic proportions the three of them found out, that their next adventure would lead them together to the forgotten city of Rathess, one seeking unknown places among the world, another one means to perfect her craft further and the last one power for her own means.

After about half a year of journying through plains, forests and, at the end of the voyage, Jungle the reached the ancient city. Withing hours the fact of the City not being dead, although forgotten, was revealed to the three of them. Furthermore their nature as celestial exalted was reveald to all of them.

When the goddes of Dragon King Warfare, Leeayta, showed herself to them she promised them free passing through the city, and all of the riches they wanted, in exchange for freeing her followers from the terrible threat of another Exalt – Fillial Wisdom – who wanted to end all life in the city for the god Han-Tha. While the cook kept to her buisness, searching new ingredients for her creations, the other two took care of Fillial Wisdom.



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