Just in case someone not involved in this game reads this:
This is my first campaign, so, uh, if it looks somewhat boring to you and seems to lack in material not directly taking from the books, don’t say I didn’t warned you; And while we’re at it, nobody of us really has english as his primary language (but the page itself is in english and when in Rome, do as the romans do, right?), so it might not be masterfully written either.
But hell, I have fun, I want my player(s) to have fun and I’ll make all of this work.
Andýway, it’s pretty much a sandbox game set, at the moment, in the east and the Scavenger Lands, but might just moveall over Creation later on, since that seems to be what Betras player expects from the game. And of course I’m using a GMPC without feeling even a little bit of shame about it.

Current Situation (In-Game)

Ascending Fire 22, RY 769
The group is in Rathess, planing how to take down Filial Wisdom

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